Car Scratch Repair

Unfortunately eventually you will end up with a scratched car, maybe from a branch sticking out on a country lane, misjudging a wall or even someone keying your car.·Before SMART repair your only option was to go to your local bodyshop and leave it there for·a few days for them to repair your car. Now you have the option of SMART repair from North West Mobile Bodyshop we can·repair scratches on your car at low cost, in a short amount of time at your home·or place of work.

There are many different ways for us to remove scratches on your car depending on the damaged area and how bad the scratch is, sometimes with light scratches we can use our machine polishers and our special polish formulas to polish out the scratch, at other times we need to mix the correct paint spray the damaged area.

The Right Paint Colour

The most common question we get asked is will the paint match, we understand why we are asked this question as many car bodyshops look at your paint code phone a call paint factors and order in some paint, the paint factors will mix the standard shade and send out, the body shop will then "blend" the colour to loose the variant difference, now with some paint codes having up to 13 variants we can see why some cars get painted the wrong colour.

We have invested a lot of money in our paint scheme and actually mix the paint for your car in our van, we look up your paint code check the different variants and mix the correct colour for your car - our aim is to keep the repair area as small as possible and to do this it is important we mix the correct colour.

We want all our customers to recommend us to their friends so it is highly important to us that your car looks great and the colour is right.

Environmentally Friendly Waterbased Paints

As with any industry products evolve and the old cellulose paints which used to be industry standard are no longer a product we are even allowed to use - we use the latest waterbased paint products to give an excellent colour match which are environmentally friendly. Waterbased paints are now the industry stand in car refinishing

Stone Chips

Stone chips are the probably the most common cause of paint damage, especially for cars that do lots of motorway miles, and cars such as BMW's seem to attract them more than most. Some people overlook this kind of damage and just accept it as one of those things, however those of us who care about the appearence of our cars know that this can significantly effect the value of the car and its apperence.

Vandal Scratches

The other common cause of scratches on cars paintwork are key scratches normally caused by vandals. We are approached by many people who have had their car keyed we offer a low cost, fast efficent service to repair these scratches and make your car look great again.

For a free quotation and expert advice upon scratches and paint damage call Geoff on 07763 111154 for a free no obligation quotation.

Wing Mirror Chips and Scratches

One of the most common areas of a car to get damaged are your wing mirrors not only do they get normal road chips they are also the widest part of your car and are commonly hit and scraped or knocked off. We can colour code, polish and repair damaged wing mirrors. There are a number of methods to repair wing mirror damage depending on the area damaged and the amount you wish to invest. For light scratches we can polish out any scratches, for chips and scratches we can either touchup the damage or alternatively we can repaint the mirror using your exact factory colour, if you have had to buy a new mirror we can also paint it the correct colour.


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